Building Inspectors Association of Southeast Wisconsin (BIASEW) - Dennis Peterman Scholarship Fund


The number of scholarships to be awarded each year will vary depending upon the number of successful applicants selected by the BIASEW Membership Committee.

Amount of each scholarship:

➢ $1,000 maximum per recipient
➢ $5,000 total per year

❖ Qualifications:
✓ Must be entering second year, or greater, of college.
✓ Must be enrolled in a construction related field of study.
✓ Must be enrolled in a technical or four-year College/University in the State of Wisconsin.
✓ Must be a full-time student.
✓ Scholarship must be used at a technical or four-year College/University in the State of Wisconsin
✓ Each applicant is eligible to receive the BIASEW Scholarship for their 2nd year, or greater, of college. Applicants must reapply each year.

❖ Application Procedure:
▪ Applicant must complete the BIASEW Scholarship Application and return it to the Membership Committee chairperson by the due date (see application).

❖ Selection Procedure:
▪ The Membership Committee, as appointed by the current BIASEW president, will select recipient(s) from applications meeting the requirements.

❖ Scholarship Administration:
▪ Scholarship monies will be awarded after the recipient presents proof of enrollment and/or official class schedule to the BIASEW Membership Committee.
▪ A check will be made directly to the student and school they are attending. The recipient must submit all necessary information to the BIASEW Membership Committee as so to ensure that the check is sent to the correct place. BIASEW will not be responsible for checks sent to the wrong campus, office, etc.
▪ If tuition has already been paid in full by other means scholarship payment may be made to the student upon receipt of documentation of payment.

For application materials contact:
James S. Micech
BIASEW Scholarship Committee
C/O Village of Grafton
860 Badger Circle
Grafton, WI 53024
Office: 262-375-5305