Waukesha Citizens Police Academy Association Inc. Scholarship

The Waukesha Citizens Police Academy Association, Inc. would like to congratulate you as you prepare to further your education. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or presently enrolled in a higher education program, the WCPAA would like to offer you assistance.
The WCPAA offers $1000 scholarships in memory of Officer Michael Inzeo to students who are pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice, Political Science, or a related area of study. In addition, applicants must be either a City of Waukesha resident OR have a parent who is employed by the City of Waukesha Police Department.
If you feel you would benefit from such a scholarship, please complete the application and return it with all the requested support materials electronically to dwielgus@wi.rr.com or via mail to
Debby Bowe-Wielgus
2610 Wensley Court
Once applications are received, the WCPAA Michael Inzeo Scholarship Committee will meet to
review the qualifications of the applicants. The spring deadline for applications is April 11, 2022.
Waukesha Citizen Police Academy Association, Inc.
Michael Inzeo Scholarship Application (updated 2022)
Personal Information
(first, middle, last) __________________________________________________________________
Street, City, Zip Code __________________________________________________________________
Email Address ________________________________ Phone Number ___________________
Date of Birth
(mm/dd/yyyy) __________________________________________________________________
School Currently
Attending __________________________________________________________________
If not a Waukesha
resident -
My parent is an employee of the Waukesha Police Departmetn.
Parent’s name: _________________________________ Position: __________________
Plans for Education
❏ I have applied for college.
❏ I have been accepted for admission.
❏ I am currently attending college.
Name of institution: __________________________________________________________________
Intended Major Field of Study: _________________________________________________________
Additional Information
❏ Include a list and your role in extracurricular activities, community or volunteer service experience
as well as honors or awards.
❏ One page essay explaining why you have chosen to pursue a career in criminal justice / political
science and the reason that you would be a good recipient of the scholarship.
❏ A copy of your high school transcripts or current college transcripts.
❏ Include two letters of recommendation. At least one should be from a community leader or an
employer. Please do not include recommendations from family members. Choose people who know
you well and can give a good appraisal of your character and your strengths.
I hereby certify that all information submitted is correct. I give my permission to release my academic
information to this scholarship donor organization.
Name ______________________________________________________________________________
Date _______________________________________________________________________________
Signature ___________________________________________________________________________

Waukesha, WI 53188